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It Happened Again... - Realm of Visions [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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It Happened Again... [Dec. 8th, 2004|08:09 pm]
Realm of visions
[mood |discontentdiscontent]

On December 5th, I sent (in part) the following e-mail to a dear friend of mine:

"...Anyway, it's 8P, I'm sitting here screwing around on a school computer, so I'd better get home. There's a weird feeling in the air here tonight, but I've no idea why. I don't want to go home. Don't ask me why; you know me and my "hallucination" affect. I never know what the hell is going on until it's too late to change anything. All I know is that something out of the ordinary is coming.

Take care, you. Love you."

I did come home, and meditated for an hour in an attempt to clear my mind.

At 10:30P that same night (the 5th), I was still highly bothered. I called my friend Fox, mainly because he knows how edgy I get when this happens. He talked with me for a long while, and at the end, told me to keep him posted. I told him, "You'll probably hear from me within two days, then, Fox. I'm serious. This is really strong." He said he understood, and we hung up.

6:25P yesterday (December 7th), I got a phone call from my sister, who lives 300 miles north from me with our parents.

"Dad's work took him to the hospital."
"They think it's his heart."

My father is 52 years old, and very healthy. He is training for a 100-mile bike ride that will take place next July. I was completely shocked. Throughout the evening, other phone calls came, updates. I called the friend I'd e-mailed, almost crying because I was 300 miles away and had a final in 12 hours, so there was nothing I could do. But more than that, I was almost crying because it had happened again. I knew something was going to happen. A while back, I started letting either him or Fox know when I was having one of those "feelings", or similar events. I had to prove to myself that I wasn't just imagining it, that I wasn't crazy... even though they'd told me, many times, that I wasn't.

I wish I were crazy, sometimes. Then maybe I could explain it and have an excuse for why this always happens. The alternative explanation is too creepy.

(Update: I called the hospital up there this morning and talked to my father. He's doing okay, and will hopefully be released this evening, depending on how his EKG, etc., come out.)