Realm of Visions

A place of safe harbor for the lost

Realm of visions
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Realm of Visions, and dreams.
A place where the world follows in streams.
From one path to road.
We'll hold your hand,
And help you stand.

This community was created, to help those who have the gift of site learn how to deal with it. Especially for those who have just developed it, as it can be a particularly frightening thing to get with not guidance.

This is also a community to help with other gifts, such as Empathy and Telepathy. Empathy can ruin a person emotionally with no help, and telepathy can be hard on the mental state of a person.

The rules:
One: This is a community to help people, thus if you come here and purposely hurt people you will be banned.
Two: However you believe you got these gifts, respect how others think they got them.
Three: If you don't have these gifts, but are interested in them. And would like to study, please do not comment rudely or snidely. This falls under the 'Not Helping' rule.
Four: Fighting will not be allowed, this is a place of refuge for the lost and confused. All parties in a fight shall be banned for a week. If you are caught fighting more then three times, you'll be banned perminantly.
Five: If you are confused about something, please feel free to ask.

What we do.

This is place, where those of us how have lived, with: Precognition, Empathy, Telepathy, Postcognition and the like will others deal with having or developing it.

This is a place of refuge, here you can write down any and all feelings you have on these matters. If you have a vision you can't get rid of, or don't understand. The others here will give comments and input on it. If you are afraid of something, we'd like to help you through it.

Maintainer: wolveneyes

Invites: If you got an invitation to be in this community, it was probably from me. The reason for it is: either, I met you on another community and thought you could help here. Or I know you need help about this, from talking to you frequently. Or Lastly, and most people it will be this. I did a search for people with the same interest as this community read their bios and then read parts of their live journal, if it looked like they could help here, or needed help I invited them. If you happen to get more then one invitation, I apologize. It's an accident, especially if you don't want to join.

Introductions: When you join, please put an introduction down. Even if you have been invited. Many thanks.

Lokia hold and cradle you.